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About Us

About Us
Welcome to our company Locksmith Swanscombe

We specialise in security upgrades using only top quality security products and brands. Choose among Yale, Chubb, UPVC, and many more. We install door locks, access control system, and CCTVs, and also offer low cost repair services in Dartford Borough of Kent. For car lockouts, our 24/7 locksmith services are available.

Address: Church Ln Swanscombe
Swanscombe, Dartford Borough of Kent
Post Code: DA10 0HF
Phone: +44 020 3808 7028

Hours of Operation:

We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
We have locks replaced fast and properly and expert teams for lock repair and key change ensuring security for all

Our experience guarantees impeccable locksmith

The tiniest security gap might create serious problems in one's life. This is the basic reason why all teams at Locksmith Swanscombe are always concentrated during service. For the same reason, we are also extremely fast when our customers need assistance. When it comes to emergency lock repairs, we are even faster. Our intention is to close this security gap before threats compromise the property or the life of a family. We have expert teams for auto locksmith needs but we are also available to provide suggestions and give you new ideas on how to reinforce home and office security.

About our company

You can depend on us in every level because we can help you in every aspect. We are outstanding professionals, fully knowledgeable of both standard British locks and new age security systems. We can be of huge help when you decide to replace the current locks with new high tech keyless entry systems. We know every little detail of these sophisticated systems, different brands and models. We make the perfect advisors since we have the ability to combine our knowledge with the needs of the customer.

You can trust Locksmith Swanscombe for installation services as well. You can trust us for every service. Rest assured that we are as accurate in access control installation as we are in the installation of the simplest lock. Perfection defines us! This is not coincidental! We are perfect every single time and for every single service. Whether you want repair or replacement of either keys or locks, you can be sure of our proficiency and the exceptional results of our work.

We make sure keys are cut to fit. With such good equipment in each van and dedicated technicians, it's hard to make a mistake. We are excellent and also fast. Such combination is really vital in our job. We are determined to ensure your security and to reach you fast when you are in need. For this reason, we have mobile teams and come over for emergency door lock repairs 24/7.

We are here for all urgent issues and every day needs. Call us whenever you need us!

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Our Infographic in Swanscombe

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