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Locksmith tools

Locksmith tools
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Only experts of a certain trade know how component parts work, which is the reason why they have tools that no other individuals know how to use or let alone have. Door locking systems and mechanism are more complicated than mere push and pull handles. To save the integrity of a certain system, or to completely and safely remove component parts without inflicting damage on the others or on the door itself, locksmith tools are a necessity that locksmiths use all the time.

Examples of ordinary locksmith tools

Locksmith toolsExamples of these tools are the world famous lock picks and precision tools that have been showcased by almost all Hollywood movies portraying master thieves on high scale heists. In truth, lock picks are normal locksmith trade tools that require substantial training to use on actual doors. Unlike their glamorous Hollywood portrayals that show the protagonist being able to access a high security door in a matter of seconds, locksmiths using lock picks actually take a while before they can open a door with a tubular style lock system.

How these tools work

In order to explain how these tools work, one must first understand how a common door lock system operates. The most common type of knob that these tools work on comes from a tubular style door lock, easily found in almost any modern home. A tubular style lock is usually composed of two door knobs that turn the mechanism, the tumbler which connects the mechanism to the knob, and the latch which the mechanism pulls and which ultimately opens the door. The purpose of a lock is to disable the outer knob from accessing the mechanism in the tumbler so the latch stays in place and keeps the door closed. Locksmith tools work to act as a substitute for keys so that the lock may be undone and the knob can once again turn to pull the latch and open the door in case of a lockout.

Such tools also work on other types of door lock systems such as entry locks or deadbolts, although the point of opening such systems in this case would be to directly retract the latch from the strike plate which causes the door to be locked. Doors can actually be opened without these tools, although there would be substantial damage to the other parts of the locking system in the process, not to mention to the door itself. Master locksmiths such as those employed by lock smith Swanscombe utilize specialised tools so that they can work efficiently while ensuring that the integrity of a lock system’s component parts are kept intact. Call our courteous customer service representatives to know more about the kinds of tools that we provide our professional locksmith.

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